About Cheryl Slean and Skymind Productions

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Skymind Productions is a full-service media production company owned and operated by Cheryl Slean. Cheryl is a writer, director and producer with an extensive background in education, entertainment, storytelling and communication. Her experience is truly multimedia in scope, with a science education and early career in 3D visual effects followed by a long list of credits, awards and honors for her work in film & video, theater, publishing, teaching and community outreach. After more than 20 years of experience with a wide variety of projects, media, audiences and budgets, Cheryl has developed a uniquely broad set of skills that boil down to one main throughline...

...the ability to take your vision, idea, story, or message – and bring it to vibrant life in your medium of choice.

Creative Media Services

Cheryl and her team at Skymind Productions can help in any stage of your film, video, multimedia, publishing or performance/event project and see it through to the end.
  • Envisioning and writing. We help you identify and clarify your message, audience, and most effective delivery medium, working closely with your design and/or content team to produce a project approach including budget, schedule, script or storyboard.
  • Production management and directing. We do all the necessary legwork to produce the film, video, event, website or publication according to storyboarded or scripted specs. Cheryl's extensive network of connections with actors, technicians, post houses, talent agents, stages and locations across the country come in handy in this phase of the project.
  • Post-production and delivery. For media projects, we manage post-production workflow, and edit (or direct editors) for all picture, sound and effects editing, including encoding for delivery. For all projects, we provide final accounting and budget actuals suitable for for grant, tax or corporate reports.

Our unique skills include:

  Translate scientific and technical concepts into clear messaging for a general audience.
•  Expert in storytelling through character, narrative, emotion and subtext.
•  Skilled in multiple storytelling forms: comedy, drama, educational, documentary, fiction, hybrid...
•  Indie film background ensures maximum production value bang for your budget.
•  Extensive experience in theatrical and music event production.
•  Skilled text, content and message editing.
•  Science + engineering + creative arts + educational background = the ability to communicate about, and to, diverse subject matters and audience.

Creative Media for a more Sustainable World

Skymind is committed to supporting our cultural movement toward a more compassionate and sustainable way of life, and we believe video, multimedia and creative storytelling have an important role to play.  We've created media in the areas of cultural diversity, patient-centered healthcare, mindfulness meditation, creative problem-solving and the creative arts. We're currently developing film and multimedia projects in the exciting fields of renewable energy and sustainable building practices, as well as climate change and the psychology of sustainability. Cheryl also hosts a multimedia blog reflecting about and reporting on sustainable change.

Please use this site to check out some of our work, and for more information, please contact us.