Cancer Coping (2009)

Client: Talaria, Inc.

This 10-chapter online course provides support to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer by introducing various approaches to understanding and coping with stress. The course was developed under a grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Video Testimonials
For this project, Cheryl edited scripts for, and produced and directed forty (40) very short video “testimonials” by fictional cancer survivors. The scripts were based on real cancer survivor stories.

Cancer Coping Podcasts
The product includes 22 guided meditation audio exercises. Cheryl wrote some of the scripts, edited others, and produced and directed the voiceovers. Listen to these clips and learn some useful meditation skills!

Co-written, directed, produced and edited by: Cheryl Slean
Camera: Sean Porter
Production design: Rena Bussinger

Shot on: Red One. Captured at 4K, rendered to ProRes 1080p 24p HD.