Out of Our Hands (2004)

DV, 21 min.

This short narrative dramedy features well-known character actors John Diehl and Jack Kehler and a wonderful mid-century truckstop diner and motel location in Arizona. It premiered at the 2004 Cinevegas International Film Festival.

Vic and Kendra meet for their date at a desert truck stop motel. Bob arrives, claiming to be Kendra’s husband, which she denies. Absurdist dramedy ensues.

Cast: Shawna Casey, John Diehl, Jack Kehler
Writer/Director: Cheryl Slean
Producers: Cheryl Slean, L. Danielle Villegas, Rob Roberge
Director of Photography: Mark Peterson
Production Designer: Crystal Ramos
Editor: Cheryl Slean
Composer: Paul Benoit
Sound Design: Mark Cavener

Original format: miniDV, DVCAM, NTSC 30p
Screening formats: digiBeta, betaSP, miniDV, DVD

Out of Our Hands - Synopsis

Three characters, each with a story; each coming together for this brief time when their stories intersect. At a highway truck stop in the middle of the desert, Vic and Kendra meet at the café and later, for a date at the motel. Then Bob arrives and claims to be Kendra’s husband, which she denies. Who is Vic to believe? What action is he to take? Action often springs from desire... Out of Our Hands poses three contrasting character arcs to explore the conundrum of whose need matters most, and whether desire ought to be the ultimate arbiter of our actions. Vic tends to hit the road when faced with any trouble, Kendra wants to remake herself, and hopes for love to transform her, and Bob needs to hold on to what he thinks he already has. Characters try to shore up their needs with “history,&ldrquo; real or imagined. What is Kendra’s real relationship to Bob? The movie resists the pressure to resolve the narrative question, and instead explores the uneasy fact that life, death and everything else are essentially out of our hands.

Official Festival Selections

Cinevegas (World Premiere)
Ojai International Film Festival
Northwest Film & Video Festival
Market Festival Seattle
Women In Film Festival, Los Angeles